Sea Legs Liqueur

Finding his Sea Legs…Get to know the man behind the brand…

Bill McCafferty, Owner & Creator

“Art, cooking and making spirits are all passions of mine because I can experiment within their processes and push boundaries on how to better or improve how something is made.”

McCafferty looks at life through an artistic lens, finding creative ways to explore new possibilities in his field of work. With a background in art, McCafferty approaches making spirits like he would a piece of artwork – experimenting, innovating and refining within each step.

What began as a passion project has turned into a burgeoning business. Sea Legs is the first spirit to be officially released by McCafferty and launched in summer 2020. The Sea Legs brand name fits the liqueur perfectly, referencing the spirit’s ability to adapt to any situation much like the liqueur’s creator. McCafferty is a passionate entrepreneur that views challenges as opportunities and embraces change to better the future.

McCafferty also recently released three small batch whiskeys under the Door Knocker Whiskey brand. Each whiskey is labeled by its barrel number, each with a distinct, different flavor and mash bill.