Sea Legs Liqueur

About Sea Legs Liqueur

Sea Legs is an untraditional Kentucky liqueur containing hints of lime, without tartness or intense sweetness. While liqueurs are often used to contribute the nuance of a cocktail, Sea Legs has a unique, balanced flavor that is encouraged to serve over ice making it a ready-to-drink option.

When drinking this refreshing spirit, we ask that you take hold and guide your ship. Never leave the bottom of your glass wet. Bottoms up.

Manufactured by Whiskey Thieves Distilling Company in Frankfort, KY.

Best recommended ways to drink it from creator of Sea Legs.

Shoot it

On ice

Hard shake with ice

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Sea Legs by the Bayou

Roll a few drops of absinthe around a glass until its inside is thoroughly coated.
Pour 2 ounce shot of chilled Sea Legs Liqueur into glass.
Top off with 2 drops of bitters of your choosing.
Serve as a shot or sip on it.


Kentucky Sea Water 

Coat the inside of a glass with a Bourbon Whiskey and pour a shot of Sea Legs Liqueur into the glass.
Or, finish the night after drinking Bourbon with a shot in your already coated glass.